CargoSmart: Carriers’ Reliability Slightly Down in March(marine crane;offshore crane)

- Apr 26, 2018-

wan-hai-664x500.jpgReviewing schedule reliability by trade, seven of the 12 trades decreased from February 2018 to March 2018.

The Europe-Middle East trade experienced the largest decrement in reliability, decreasing by 23.6% from 68% in February 2018 to 44.4% in March 2018. The North America-Oceania trade experienced the largest improvement in reliability, increasing by 13.2%, from 77.7% in February 2018 to 90.9% in March 2018, which was also the highest reliability among the 12 trades.

14 of the 22 carriers experienced varying degrees of decreasing schedule reliability from February 2018 to March 2018. The top five most reliable carriers in March 2018 were MCC, Wan Hai, Safmarine, ANL, and CMA CGM with an average on-time performance of 79.2%, 69.2%, 68.9%, 65.9%, and 65.3% respectively.

(marine crane;offshore crane)

2T10M Small floding boom Marine crane/Public security Marine crane4391F4E46DC6558D30CBA02FFDE882A9.png

The availability of a telescopic or fixed jib extension on a telescopic boom is not only easy to attach and use, but it makes it possible to extend the reach of the crane boom by as much as 40 meter. With a jib, boom cranes are capable of reaching boom lengths as tall as 35 meter, which is very beneficial when placing loads at height or lifting personnel using a work platform.

Advantages of this floding boom Marine crane:

Remote control

Operator’s cabin

Lifting of personnel – man-riding

External hydraulic power packs

Anti-collision system

Active Heave Compensation (AHC)

Passive Heave Compensation(PHC)

Design according to rules and regulations API 2C.

Class Societies like ABS, CCS, DNV, LR, RMRS, etc.

Diesel hydraulic drive

(marine crane;offshore crane)