Crane three level maintenance knowledge

- Jun 08, 2017-

1, the level of maintenance content

A-level maintenance with lubrication, fastening as the focus, the main content in addition to daily routine maintenance projects, but also include the following items:

Cleaning operations: Mainly cleaning the body and chassis and wipe the engine, chassis all parts, cleaning fuel pump, clean air filter, replace the oil filter;

Check the fastening operation: Check the engine, chassis, seat, body of the external connection bolts, nuts fastening state, when necessary test and reinforcement.

Special attention shall be given to any prescribed torque;

Adjustment work: Check the engine belt tightness, brake pedal free travel, clutch pedal free travel, steering steering wheel free swing volume, parking brake joystick stroke;

Tire operation: According to the prescribed air pressure, and the valve cover, check the external surface of the tire has no serious scratches

2, two maintenance content

Secondary maintenance to check the adjustment as the focus, maintenance projects are:

Maintain all items in accordance with level a maintenance;

Clean the fuel filter, replace the fuel coarse filter paper filter;

Check the clutch total pump and pump oil quantity;

Remove the wheel brake, cleaning, lubrication and adjust the hub bearings, brake friction pads and the gap between the brake drum, wheel transposition;

Replacement of engine, transmission, middle and rear axle lubricants;

Release the sediment in the fuel tank, clean the fuel filter;

Check and adjust valve clearance;

To disassemble the fuel injection pump and oil pump, check and adjust the injection pressure and spray condition as required;

Check the fastening condition of the cylinder head nut and tighten it to the specified moment under the heat condition;

Check and adjust the free travel of the clutch pedal and the brake pedal;

Check the oil surface of the steering gear tank, and raise the oil face according to the stipulation;

Check the free rotation of the steering wheel and adjust if necessary;

Inspect the cross bearing of transmission shaft and the middle support, check the fastening of each flange nut;

Check and adjust the front bundle;

Check the fastening of the front plate spring U-BOLT, rear-plate spring locking bolt and lug, fastening bolts;

Clean and lubricate starter and generator bearings;

Check the brake pipe, clutch pipeline has no oil leakage, leakage phenomenon, and timely fastening or replacement;

Check the air brake system, clean or replace the filter cartridge.

3, three maintenance content

Cranes also require regular three-level maintenance. In the three maintenance of the car, such as some parts of the engine to produce large deformation, resulting in a significant decline in engine performance, fuel consumption increased, the engine can be carried out as follows:

Remove the cylinder cover, check the valve, valve seat, valve duct, valve spring, rocker arm shaft and other pieces, if necessary, repair or replacement;

Check the piston ring, piston, cylinder liner, connecting rod head bushing and the wear of the joint rod Bush, when necessary to repair or replacement;

Measure the Crankshaft axial clearance, check the thrust piece, spindle tile wear, bearing surface if there is serious spalling, ablation, scratches should be replaced;

Check the transmission gear, meshing surface wear, measuring meshing clearance, repair and replacement when necessary;

Cleaning cylinder body, oil sump and oil filter strainer; walking and maintenance can refer to the first-level maintenance of the project, while the seasonal maintenance is combined with two-level maintenance.