Fire-Stricken Maersk Honam Reaches Anchorage(marine crane;offshore crane)

- Apr 24, 2018-

maersk-honam.jpgThe fire, which broke out around 900 nautical miles southeast of Salalah, Oman, was put under control by Indian Coast Guard, however, several hotspots remain on board.

“During anchorage hot spots in affected areas will be completely extinguished and further work to stabilize the vessel and bring it alongside will be carried out. Maersk Line expects this work to take 4-5 weeks, whereafter Maersk Honam will be moved alongside for discharge operations to commence,”the company statement reads.

Salvage operations are led by Smit Salvage and Ardent.

22 crew members who were evacuated from the vessel have traveled home and are reunited with their families, the company informed. The remains of three of the four missing crew members who were found onboard the vessel remain unidentified. The fire has claimed the lives of a total of five crew members.

After the remains were discovered they were transferred to Mumbai, India, where local authorities are working on identification. Maersk Line said it was closely collaborating with the concerned authorities who oversee the identification process.

The company added that a full investigation in collaboration with relevant authorities is ongoing to determine the cause of the fire. A further assessment of the impact to the vessel and cargo will take place when the vessel has arrived alongside in the port.

The berthing and discharging operations of the fire-ravaged boxship are expected to result in high extraordinary costs, as confirmed by Maersk Line.

The company has declared General Average, under which all parties with a financial interest in the voyage are to proportionally share the losses resulting from the incident.(marine crane;offshore crane)

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(marine crane;offshore crane)