FLIR Helps Keep One of Canada’s Largest Ports Safe(marine crane;offshore crane)

- Apr 19, 2018-

untitled.pngTo ensure the port operates safely and securely, rotating crews  work day and night aboard the Charles Hays patrol boat, a vessel  fitted with a full complement of FLIR thermal and Raymarine  navigation technologies. The equipment includes two 12-inch  Raymarine MFDs, Raymarine radar, Raymarine AIS, five visible  security cameras (two forward-looking, one port, one starboard,  and one stern), and a FLIR M400 multi-sensor marine camera. The  FLIR M400 and the visible cameras are integrated with a network  video recorder for real-time HD video recording of vessel operations.

 The FLIR M400 fulfils several roles for the Port Authority by  improving port safety, providing thermal-enhanced search and  rescue capabilities, offering amplified situational awareness and  helping them avoid costly large object strikes such as logs. The  port is situated along British Columbia's rugged, forested  coastline and the extreme 25-foot tides frequently bring fallen  trees off the shoreline and into navigation pathways. Using the  M400, the crew of the Charles Hays easily identifies these  floating log hazards.

"We trust FLIR and Raymarine products. The technology is above  and beyond anything I've seen. It's easy to use and the imaging  is very prominent. You know exactly what you're looking at," said  Bernie Egan, Supervisor, Marine Operations, Prince Rupert Port  Authority.

Always investing in equipment to make the harbour safer and more  secure, Egan noted that the Port Authority will take delivery of  a new 60-foot patrol boat in 2018, which will feature a FLIR  M400XR multi-sensor thermal camera. Engineered for first  responders, the M400XR is equipped with FLIR video tracking  technology, allowing the crew of the Charles Hays to keep a  watchful eye on any object or vessel of interest. The M400XR also  features a unique firefighting mode that will allow the crew to  survey the scene of a fire and identify any hot spots using a  firefighting-specific isothermic colour palette.

(marine crane;offshore crane)

Hydraulic Orange Peel Wood GrabDSC01636_副本_副本.jpg

The orange peel grab has three models, which are: single rope, two ropes, and four ropes. It is an efficient tool that could replace manpower for loading and unloading cargoes, such as iron, ore, clinker and wood under any severe circumstances. The features are: simple structure, easily open and close, convenient operation, etc.
Apply to grab wood,stone, gravels, waster metals, industry waste, construction garbage and daily rubbish.

Based on different demand, there are 2 kinds of type including hydraulic rotary peel grab

and non-rotary type.

 Non-rotary type uses excavator bucket cylinder oil pathway, no need to add hydraulic valve and pipeline.

 Hydraulic rotary type need to add one set of hydraulic valve and pipeline to control cylinders with piston protection device.

(marine crane;offshore crane)