Fracture reason of steel wire rope

- Jun 08, 2017-

The main cause of wire rope breakage is overload and wear.

It is related to the number of times the wire rope is worn around the pulley and reel, and the wire rope produces a process from bending to straight, then from the straight to the bend. This is one of the main causes of wire rope damage.

The break of the wire rope is also related to the diameter of the pulley.

The smaller the diameter of the pulley or reel, the more serious the bending of the wire rope, the more vulnerable the ring.

Therefore, the general requirements of the pulley (reel) diameter and wire rope diameter ratio/More than 20-30.

In addition, the breakage of the wire rope is related to the type of work, the use environment (high temperature, corrosive gas), storage and use.

The wear of the wire rope is the abrasion between the reel and the pulley, the other is the wear between the wire rope.

To reduce wear, the key lies in the lubrication of wire ropes,

If the wire rope is in the normal lubrication condition, the wear and tear of the wire rope will be reduced to a minimum.