Introduction to safety Operation Technical Specification for truck-type cranes

- Jun 08, 2017-

First, the crane in the work should support the feet, the sole application of wood bedding, and to maintain the balance of machinery, before driving should be the support of the cause of the foot to ensure that the driving safety.

Second, mechanical rotating truck crane lifting objects speed only one or two gears.

Third, the car crane walking, should be placed on the arm in front of the cab bracket, the hook to pass the sling hanging in the bumper of the two hooks and a little tightening, but also to tighten the variable wire rope, in case of damage in the driving machinery.

Four, crane lifting objects to do a short distance, the weight should not exceed the allowable load of 50%, the road must be flat, solid, the arm should be in the direction of its tail, objects from the ground should not exceed 50cm

Five, the hoisting work, the cab prohibits the personnel to stay, when loading unloading, lifts the object not to cross the vehicle or the trailer cab, by the condition limit must pass the cab, then the car or the trailer cab is not allowed to stay any personnel.

VI. Operators should obey the traffic rules strictly.

When the crane is shifted in the field, the crane operator shall direct the crane shift under the precondition of ensuring safety.

Eight, in the vicinity of the High-voltage line operation, must have sufficient safety distance in case of accident.

Nine, lifting operations play a clear command signal.

Ten, crane hoisting wire rope inspection once a week before lifting, strapping weights of rigging, fixture, each operation must be inspected before.