Odfjell COO: We Will Compensate for Bow Jubail Oil Spill Losses in Full(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)

- Aug 08, 2018-

bow-jubail-750x500.jpgOdfjell was approached by World Maritime News following reports that the Port of Rotterdam Authority had launched legal proceedings to recover EUR 28 million in cleanup costs following the bunker spill.

The tanker vessel leaked over 200 tonnes of fuel oil in the port of Rotterdam following the collision that took place on June 23.

“The Port of Rotterdam Authority formally held the Odfjell shipping company – the party responsible for the oil leak – liable immediately after this event. The Port of Rotterdam Authority will make a maximum effort to keep damages for the port of Rotterdam to a bare minimum and ensure that the clean-up of the port area continues unabated,” the port authority press officer told World Maritime News in a statement.

“Naturally, cleaning up the port area entails costs, which we intend to pass on to the responsible party. We are still in talks about this matter.”

Authorities in Rotterdam managed to recover majority of the spilled oil in the first week after the incident, however, the cleanup efforts took place for  several weeks, according to the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Harald Fotland, Odfjell SE’s Chief Operations Officer (COO), expressed deep regret for the incident and its impact on local industry and environment.

“This is a complex and substantial legal matter with many stakeholders, and the judicial positioning by the Port of Rotterdam is not unusual in proceedings such as this. We deeply regret the damage inflicted on innocent third parties, and will compensate for documented losses up to the maximum legal liability. The coverage of claims following the incident will be in full accordance with Dutch law and regulation, and governed by international conventions,” he said.

Following the collision, the ship was moved to the Port of Rotterdam where it was repaired. Based on its latest AIS information, the vessel resumed operation and is currently moored in Houston, Texas.

(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)

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(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)