Port of Marseille Fos Reveals LNG Bunkering Master Plan(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)

- Nov 23, 2018-

marseille-768x457A working group, which was set up in 2017 to study the possibilities of introducing LNG as marine fuel in the port, has unveiled a master plan, which confirms the feasibility of an operational LNG bunkering solution.

The plan envisages the rapid development of truck refuelling logistics that would initially serve ferries and other vessels should refuelling vessels be unavailable. This is in addition to putting one or more refuelling vessels in place that would be suitable for cruise ships and ferries as well as containerships.

The working group brought together ship-owners that had expressed an interest in LNG from Marseille / Fos, the managers of the two LNG terminals based in Fos, Elengy and Fosmax LNG, an LNG supplier Total Marine Fuels Global and the LNG marine and fluvial platform.

The port authority said that the players are already preparing with a determined timescale in mind. Specifically, Fosmax LNG is investing in the adaptation of Fos Cavaou terminal enabling it to receive small LNG carriers. This service is scheduled to become available in the summer of 2019 (50 annual slots).

In addition, Elengy is studying the extension of the Fos Tonkin Terminal activity, focusing on loading small LNG carriers, with the provision of 100 annual slots from 2021.

“The Port of Marseille Fos welcomes the results of the working group and its participants’ involvement in a shared industrial vision to promote LNG as marine fuel. The work will result in the establishment of a complete and sustainable economic sector leading to concrete measures to reduce the emissions of all traffic,” the port added.

(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)

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