Stress characteristics of steel wire rope

- Jun 08, 2017-

When loading, the tensile stress, bending stress, extrusion stress and residual stress in the wire rope are produced.

When the wire rope bypasses the pulley, it is subjected to alternating stress, which causes the metal material to produce fatigue, and finally, because of the wear and tear between the wire rope and the rope groove and The wire rope, the test shows:

(1) The curvature radius of steel wire rope has a great effect on the wire rope, because the rope wheel diameter is reduced, the bending deformation of the steel wire is intensified, the bending stress is increased, the wire rope wear is accelerated, the fatigue damage is accelerated, and the life of the wire rope is shortened.

(2) When the wire rope is bypassing the rope wheel, the pressure and relative sliding of the contact surface of the rope wheel and the steel wire rope make the wire rope wear broken wire, the contact stress is bigger and the broken wire is more rapid.

(3) Point contact wire Rope, because of the contact stress between the steel wire, the Cross of the steel wire increases the transverse pressure, the strength loss is larger than the line contact type, the Anti-Fatigue performance is also poor, so the line contact wire rope Contact Wire Rope service life is long.

(4) When the wire rope one twist distance between the number of broken wire to reach all the steel wire 10%, continue to use, rope broken wire rate is significantly faster, short time that occurs broken shares.

(5) When the other conditions are the same, the higher the safety factor of the wire rope, the longer the service life.