The construction measures of hoisting and hoisting engineering in rainy season are as follows

- Jun 08, 2017-

(1) The component stacking site should be flat and solid, the surrounding to do a good job of drainage, the component stacking area, water and immersion.

(2) Tower Crane Foundation or subgrade, must be higher than the natural ground 15cm, no rain soaked subgrade.

(3) The rainy day is not suitable to carry on the hoisting work, rainy day because the component surface and the hoisting rope is wet, causes the rope and the component friction coefficient to reduce, may have the component sliding and so on serious quality safety accident. It is necessary to pay more attention to the hoisting work at this time, and take measures to increase the surface roughness of ropes and components to ensure safety.

(4) When the construction is stopped, the lifting hook of the tower crane should be retracted to close the body, and no object such as a sling or building member shall be left on the hook to prevent the shaking of the tower crane caused by the wind blows, which will cause the collapse of the tower crane.