USA: EBI Cranes Offers New Unique Marine Crane for Offshore O&G Industry

- Oct 13, 2017-

5.jpgWith the Hammer Head Hose Handling Crane, one may manipulate the angle and control the position of the hose end more accurately. EBI’s innovative design can still handle and operate much of the same job requirements as their traditional marine cranes such as cargo handling, and other like lifting and handling operations at sea.

According to EBI Cranes Operations Manager Troy Dean, grandson of liftboat pioneers Lynn and Orin Dean, “The Hammer Head Hose Handling Crane is just another example of how EBI continues to be innovative and creative with the products that we offer to the global offshore oil & gas industry. We always want to work smarter and develop solutions that can enhance the job at hand.”

Further, Mr. Ken Serigne, CEO and President of EBI, states, “I’m glad to see that the Hammer Head Hose Handling Crane is part of our marine crane line. This design is optional with our C30 and our C60 marine cranes and depending on a client’s needs, it could be modified and installed on any other of EBI’s marine crane models.”

EBI has designed and fabricated marine cranes since 1963. Since then, EBI Cranes LLC and EBI Cranes Services LLC’s facility in Brathwaite, Louisiana has expanded and offers not only marine crane design and fabrication but also marine crane parts, services, and maintenance.