Wilhemsen’s Smart Rope Steals the Show at SMM(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)

- Sep 06, 2018-

The rope was put on display at the company’s stand and visitors were invited pull the rope and see what they are made of as the system provides real-time pull load results.

The system, dubbed Timm’s Smart Ropes, is constructed using the company’s Timm Acera range and an embedded load sensor. It provides real time information about usage, tension and overall health of the rope ushering in a new era for mooring practices that have been pretty outdated.

Wilhemsen said that the digital system reduces the chances of mismanagement prolonging the life of a mooring rope.

The system is accompanied by an interactive dashboard intended for the ship’s crew, called the Digital Mooring assistant, that provides the information on the state of each rope in real time.

Aside to the smart mooring rope for ships, that stole the show at the fair, Wilhelmsen Ships Service presented a host of digital products at SMM today.(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)

The self-elevating wind power station maintenance crane mainly replaces the expensive wind turbine large-scale maintenance and lifting equipment crawler crane, which uses the self-climbing hydraulic lifting platform and the high-lift folding crane to complete the maintenance of the wind power equipment.:

It mainly contains:

1. Adaptive non-invasive clamping system, high lift folding lifting system, hydraulic system and electronic control system

2. The adaptive non-invasive clamping system minimizes losses by connecting four towers with special polymer materials in the wind turbine tower, and the weapon device increases the friction between the towers.

 3. The high-lifting system is mainly composed of hoist, lifting and folding, slewing mechanism, luffing, telescopic and other devices. It can realize the vertical and horizontal direction, the comprehensive work of the revolving and luffing crane telescopic device, and also make the whole machine easy to transport.

4. The use of two sets of variable proportional control hydraulic system not only improves the safety of the entire hydraulic system, but also reduces the energy consumption and safety hazards of the equipment, ensuring the reliable operation of the entire equipment.

5. From the application of climbing wind power to crane maintenance, it will greatly shorten the maintenance time, reduce the maintenance cost, and subvert the traditional wind power maintenance mode, which will have a huge positive impact on the vigorous development of the global wind power industry.

(marine crane manufacturer;offshore crane manufacturer)