Yang Ming Delivers Profit in 2017(marine crane;offshore crane)

- Mar 28, 2018-

yang-ming.jpgThe consolidated revenues totaled TWD 131.08 billion in 2017, up 13.59% when compared to TWD 115.4 billion recorded a year earlier.

Volumes in 2017 also increased to 4,722 thousand TEUs, up 9% year over year.

“Coupled with a recovering shipping market, the effort and dedication from team members worldwide helped Yang Ming’s move in the right direction and take the first step to success,”the shipping company said.

Apart from strengthening its operating strategies such as management centralization, Yang Ming said it has deployed strategies to optimize cargo structure, integrate information technology systems, and train staff.

“Yang Ming will continue to explore and develop new markets, optimize its fleet deployment, and take advantage of opportunities to minimize its operating costs and improve profitability,”Yang Ming added.

Last month, Yang Mingreceiveda green light from its board to move forward with the fleet renewal plan announced in 2017. Under the plan, Yang Ming will order the construction of ten 2,800 TEU containerships and charter ten 11,000 TEU boxships. Investment in new tonnage comes on the back of the company’s cash-raising initiatives from last year.

(marine crane;offshore crane)

微信图片_20180120141908_副本_副本.jpgOUCO Marine/Offshore 40m Long boom crane marine hydraulic Deck crane machine

OUCO Marine/Offshore 3T40M Telescopic boom crane is mainly used on the deck of bulk carrier or overload barge for handling a variety of cargo bulks.

It has several hoisting points to fit the demand of vessel usage, which are 3T40M, 40T6.5M, 10T25M, makes the crane with long outreach to complete the lifting job.

The cranes are available from 3–40 meters of crane boom, which have long range of usage. This 3t40m telescopic crane currently have been made several sets with ABS Class certificate, will be delivered within 3 months with stable and reliable quality based on clients’ usage and testings.

Main Features and advantages:

Easy maintenance at all situation;

Self contained unit with integrated hydraulic power pack.

Fail-safe brakes on all movements.

Fully enclosed and equipped operator cabin with air condition.

The variable speed hoist will automatically adjust to the highest possible speed for the appropriate load.

Technology from Germany.

Base on many year's design and fabrication experience of crane and other similar equipment.

Suitable for all kinds of ships and low power consumption and high efficiency.

Welded and high strength box boom for easy maintenance.

With Many safety protection devices---hook up limiter and overload limiter, emergency stop button.

The availability of a telescopic or fixed jib extension on a telescopic boom is not only easy to attach and use, but it makes it possible to extend the reach of the crane boom by as much as 40 meter. With a jib, boom cranes are capable of reaching boom lengths as tall as 35 meter, which is very beneficial when placing loads at height or lifting personnel using a work platform.

Typical Applications: Provision cranes, Service cranes, Container and cargo handling cranes

Here is the YouTube video about this telescopic marine crane: https://youtu.be/_4OR3d7c8Ho

(marine crane;offshore crane)