Corrosion-resistant Material Marine Use Channel Buoy

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Corrosion-resistant Material Marine Use Channel Buoy

     The main shapes of offshore buoys include fuel tank, cone, ball, cylinder, rod, etc. Since the buoy is affected by wind, waves and tides, the hull is buoyant and cannot be used as a positioning marker. If a rod-shaped buoy with a sliding element is used, the position is accurate and can be dropped after impact.

     The shape, color, grade and quality of the buoy's illumination (rhythm of light, color of light, flash cycle) are established in accordance with established standards. Type: navigation beacons, observation buoys, anchor buoys and other products that comply with the navigation rules. It can be used as a sign for foreign trade ships, civil ships, oil tankers, etc. When anchoring and emergency anchoring. It can also be used for water operations, hazardous no-fly zones and simple nav strip markings.






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