2.5T22M Folding Easy Operation Marine Crane

2.5T foldablb and Telescopic BOOM crane Knuckle Boom Crane Marine Crane Pedestal crane OUCO Marine/Offshore 2.5T folding crane Knuckle Boom Crane Marine Crane Pedestal crane OUCO Marine/Offshore Folding boom cranes would be the type of effortless cranes with foldable knuckle booms, which make full use of the...
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Product Details

Product description:

Folding boom cranes go by many different names including “knuckle boom cranes”, “articulating cranes”. No matter what name you are using, it is clear that these cranes are an impressive combination of creative engineering and technology. Traditionally folding boom cranes were utilized in Europe due to their ability to fold into a compact size and work in tight quarters.


 The cranes come with different types of control systems, such as: stand up, control from the ground, seat control, or radio remote control. The radio remote systems now can start the crane as well as run the crane. Currently, they come equipped with a computer readout system that immediately gives readouts from the system if the crane is overloaded or not.

Q: What’s working radius of your crane?
A: From 1m to 100m, we can design and make according to your requirement.
Q: Which crane type should I choose?
A: We have foldable boom, knuckle boom, telescopic boom, stiff boom, etc.
Q: Can this crane be explosion proof?
A: Sure, we can equip any extra function based on your requirement.
Q: Does your crane have safety devices?
A: Of course, we have all cut off limits and alarms for safety reasons.
Q: How can I install the crane to my vessel?
A: We can send our service engineers to the vessel site for guiding or ship the crane in whole piece.


General Arrangement:
High Safety Marine Folding Boom Crane Good Performance For Lifting Cargoes
Technial Specification:

                  SWL                                    2.5t@22m&5t@11m
          Max Working Radius                       22m
          Min Working Radius                       3m
          Hoisting Speed                        0~12m/min
          Hoisting Height                       30m
         Slewing Speed                       ~1.0r/min
         Luffing Time                       120s
         Extension Time                      ~150s
         Tirm                       ≤2°
         Heel                       ≤5°
         Power                      45KW
        Protection Class                      IP44
        Working Type                        S1

Production process at OUCO workshop:


5m Marine crane knuckle boom hydraulic crane with international components

Our service:
Marine crane 40t hydraulic crane with ABS Class and advanced components

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