Electro-hydraulic knuckle boom pedestal crane

Folding Crane Knuckle Boom Pedestal Crane Marine Crane Pedestal crane OUCO Marine/Offshore 2T folding crane Knuckle Boom Pedestal Crane Marine Crane Pedestal crane OUCO Marine/Offshore Folding Boom Pedestal Cranes would be the type of effortless cranes with foldable knuckle booms, which make full use of the cranes’...
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Product Details

Product Description

OUCO Marine/Offshore 2T folding Boom Crane Marine Crane Pedestal crane.

The FB series, folding jib box boom pedestal crane, are a reliable for general cargo handling service and offshore use. On board various ship types and offshore units. Tailor made to your required specifications in different boom length and lifting capacities from 10mt to 2000mt for different sea state working conditions. All FB series cranes can be equipped with different accessories and class certified by all leading classification societies.

Product Features

1. Running smoothly;

2. Rates of speed can be changed;

3. 360 degrees continually rotary;

4. Both electro hydraulic and manual to control;

5. Operate conveniently.;

6. Safety and reliability.

General Arrangement


Technical Parameters

Max. Working Radius6 m
Min. Working Radius1.25 m
Slewing Speed0~1 r/min
Hoisting Speed0~15 m/min
Slewing Angle360°
Luffing Time~45 s
Extension Time~20 s

Product Details 





Our company provides professional packaging and transportation for the products.


Our Certification


Our Company

With years of experience, the OUCO Marine Group has its own designing team and manufacturing factory, excellent European management who has 47 years of experience on offshore business, which also provides after sales services overseas.

Our production line covers marine and offshore knuckle boom crane, telescopic crane, stiff boom crane, non-standard steel structure, more environmental-friendly operations and also truck crane with the range from 15t to 150t.Port industry which includes cranes, hoppers and grabs.

OUCO Machinery can build any type of handling equipment, according to our own design, but also according to provided designs.

We build products according to any certification requested by the client and are able to build them for working in, and under extreme heavy circumstances for working tempertures of - 40C accordingly.



Our company has modern production factory and experienced production workers.Modern operation technology and strict supervision system guarantee the quality of products.


Once Cooperation Be Friends Forever

Our company participates in various exhibitions every year and presents our products to partners and customers around the world.


We have our own factory and welcome friends from all over the world to visit us.Once Cooperation Be Friends Forever.



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