10T18M straight boom deck marine offshore crane

Product description: SB series crane is designed as an electro-hydraulic driven stiff box type boom/jib crane, with integrated electro-hydraulic power unit, delivered as a complete unit ready for installation to vessels. The crane is equipped with hydraulic operated winch, hydraulic operated luffing and hydraulic operated slewing system.
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Product Details

Product description:

The crane is installed with a rolled steel pedestal for bolting or welding to deck with a height of OUCO standard and pedestal diameter is depend on the SWL of the crane. The standard SB crane will supply with an operator platform. Operator cabin is optional.

The crane and all it associated components / equipment shall be designed in accordance to any leading classification societies which is upon request. The crane shall be tested and adjusted ready for installation by welding or bolting to vessel deck. Power connection shall be provided for electrical supply through integrated electrical slip rings.

 SB series crane: End User Advantages

1. Compact design 
2. Small footprint
3. Delivered as one complete unit ready for installation to vessels
4. Easy access for periodic maintenance, service and repair
5.24 hours after sales searvices support. 

Standard equipment

#  360 C* continuous rotation.

#  -10 C*----+45 C* working temperature.

#  certified A36 & S690 steel structure.

#  pedestal ready for mounting or weld to vessel main structure .

#  stainless steel grease nipples.

#  precise step lessspeed control.

#  simultaneous operations of 2 or more function.

#  emergency for hydraulic stop device.

#  visual and audible warning alarm

 Optional equipment
#  lower temperature package up to -40 C*.
#  certification for personal lifting.
#  wireless romote control
#  operator cabin with AC and heating.
#  ATEX package and certification.
#  man riding winch.
#  centralized grease system.
#  multiple setting of load limiting system.
#  automatic overload protection system .
#  warning and working lights.
#  load indicator system.
#  other upon request. 

Technical specification:


Genernal Arrangement:


OUCO Certifications:


Manufacturing details at OUCO workshop:

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