Log crane mounted on tractor

Application: mounted on tractor shovel or folk lift or tractor or truck.
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Product Details

Product Description:

OUCO log cranes are developed for thinning and light final felling. The cranes have been designed for efficient, high-precision handling for advanced jobs across the working area. Low weight and a compact construction were highly-prioritised factors during the development phase. Creating a complete and well-planned driving experience, with efficiency at every step. It has fingertip sensitivity right the way out to the log, giving you the right speed and fluidity of motion.

Main Features And Advantages:

a) Heavy-duty booms with a horizontal reach up to customer`s requirement.

b) Lifting capacities decide by customers.

c) Heavy duty boom pins and bushing

d) Double-acting, heavy-duty cylinders in boom and jib

e) Continue slewing or limited decide by customers.

f) Electric-hydraulic power for cleaner, quieter operation

g) Hydraulic tanker with suction strainers and return filters stack-type control valves with main relief.

Technical Specification:


General Arrangement:




Processing at OUCO workshop:

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OUCO Certifications:


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