Stationary Fixed Type Electrical Material Handler For Scrap

Product Description: For Rural Property Owners With Woodlots, The Timber Log Trailer Is Incredibly Useful, Offering Handy Ways To Make The Most Use Of The Same Forestry Trailer. Our Trailers Are Available In Various Configurations And Numerous Extras, Including A Cargo Box, Which Allows The...
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Product Details

Product Description:

Electric-powered handling machines are extremely efficient machines; featuring low operating costs and zero emissions.

Available in a multitude of configurations, it can be customized for a wide variety of applications and building layout specifications.

·       Remote Operator’s Station and Remote Power Unit

·       With Cab and Remote Power Unit

·       With Cab and with Power Unit mounted to machine’s frame

Technical Specification:


General Arrangement:


Processing at OUCO workshop:

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OUCO Certifications:


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