What Is The Maximum Lifting Weight Of A Crane?

- Jun 08, 2017-

For the car crane, in the only basic arm (hydraulic telescopic arm all retracted), 3 meters hoisting radius (arm drive maximum elevation, about 80 degrees depending on the specific model), lifting capacity, can reach the maximum lifting capacity, such as 50 tons of car crane can be hoisted at this time 50 tons (may only be in the rear or side of the hoisting, not 360 slewing). The elongation of the boom or the decrease of the elevation angle of the jib will reduce the lifting ability of the crane, of course, extending the jib and lowering the elevation will reduce the crane lifting ability. For 50-ton cranes, in the full arms of the state, do not allow the boom to lie in the horizontal state (not to drop the weight can cause accidents such as overturned).