20 and 40 feet Standard Size Container Spreader

The ouco products Semi-Automatic Container Spreaders is design to handle ISO containers. The fixed frame is mounted to a crane by bridle sling and provides a simple way to load and unload containers.
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Product Details

Product description:

The semi-automatic spreader is designed for the handling of 20 ft & 40 ft ISO containers with single or double hook jib cranes, in ports or on vessels. The twistlocks are activated by landing and lifting the spreader from the container by the crane operator. No hydraulic or electric systems are needed.

Standard and Heavy Duty Models are available. 

Technical specification:

        Available in 20` and 40` ISO container spreaders.

        Capacity loaded 20` and 40` ISO container spreaders.

        Light weight container spreaders

        20` container spreader-1360kg (3000lb)

        40` container spreader-2268kg (5000lb)

        Heavy duty container spreaders

        20` container spreader-3084kg (6800lb)

        40` container spreader-4128kg (9100lb)

General Arrangement:

20FEET GA_副本.png

Processing at OUCO workshop:


OUCO certificates:


Packing and shipping preparation:


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