1.     OUCO 20T30M Port crane used in Bangladesh Navy; Sales manager attends port site for business negotiation.

 2.   OUCO 3T40M Telescopic boom crane in UAE service; Clients inspected OUCO factory during construction.

3.     OUCO 0.98T5M Service crane tested on board; Client discussed technical details with OUCO chief engineer.

4.    OUCO 3T30M Telescopic boom crane tested at OUCO workshop; Clients from Colombia attended the load test before delivery.

5.     OUCO Fixed type hopper installed at client’s site; German clients inspected OUCO workshop before placing order.

6.  OUCO 100T10M Knuckle boom crane with ABS tested at factory site; Norway client inspected OUCO factory at early stage of project.

7.  OUCO 4T30M Telescopic boom marine crane delivered to Saudi Arabia for Oil Supply Vessel; OUCO Service engineer attended client’s vessel site for Acceptance of crane.

8.  OUCO 1T4M Marine yacht crane in service on board; Client from Qatar inspected factory during fabrication. 

9.   OUCO 2T30M Telescopic boom marine crane tested in OUCO workshop before delivery; Client from Iran attended the Factory Acceptance Test(FAT).


10.     OUCO 2.5T22M Folding boom marine crane installed on a British service vessel; Captain of the vessel gave high credit to OUCO crane.


11.     OUCO Dust proof Eco hopper installed on Vietnam port; User of Vietnam came to OUCO factory for discussing technical details with OUCO engineering team.